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Lessons from the 2018 Global Mobility Summit in Singapore

Impacting the Evolution of Talent Mobility

Like their counterparts around the globe, Mobility professionals in the Asia Pacific region are eagerly moving beyond the transactional aspects of Mobility and are poised to contribute much more to their companies.

This was the theme for the insideMOBILITY® Global Mobility Summit in Singapore, where 55 insiders from 43 companies in the region explored a new, expanded role for Mobility. 

This brief report captures the participants’ insights, concerns and best practices, along with results of some of the digital polls conducted during the Summit.

Key findings in the report:

  • Identifying and prioritising internal stakeholders
  • Documenting Mobility’s value through Return on Mobility (ROI) analyses
  • Identifying elements of a Core-Flex initiative
  • Uncovering and taking on a strategic path that aligns with business directives

Global Mobility Summit 2018

A preview of what's inside the report...
In the next 12 months, what areas of your Mobility programme
would you most like to improve?


26% 21% 18%
Programme Strategy Return on Mobility (ROI) Employee Satisfaction


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