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Considering a Core-Flex relocation benefits program for your company?

The guide captures real-world insights from Mobility professionals who have adopted core-flex programs along with Mobility consultants who have designed and implemented them.

Download the guide to help:

  • Determine if core-flex is the right model for your company
  • Design a core-flex program that can achieve your unique goals
  • Anticipate the decision points you’ll encounter along the way

Discover first-hand how two global companies implemented core-flex—each for very different reasons—and what results they are seeing today.

Survey Says!

27% use Core-Flex policies. Of those that don’t, 38% plan to do so within the next two years.

The Guide answers questions like:

  • Are flex options always left to the employee?
  • Can you measure the return on investment or success of Core-Flex?